Independent bakery supplying coffee shops, deli's and artisan stores.

About Us


The bakery

Our bakes are not just about good looks. You've got to eat the thing too! Which is why we say "they taste even better than they look!


Sweet Tooth Factory was founded way back in 2009 and is based in Battersea London. We are an independent business driven to provide the best taste experience possible via supporting other small businesses and community.

Today we are still dedicated as ever and retain the belief that a good bake is accomplished by using the best quality ingredients. Such practices is what produces cakes that have a homemade taste.

Here at Sweet Tooth Factory, we believe the quality of our homemade treats is based on the guarantee that each bake is made using only the freshest and finest ingredients. Each treat is lovingly handcrafted with individual and added personal touches that continues to delight our customers.

We currently supply to coffee shops deli's, cafes, restaurants and bars as well as the WholeFoods Market stores.


"Work hard and play hard!" Kaelie (Founder)


After finishing my studies in design. I realised that my passion lay in baking. Back in Thailand I started with a tray of brownies and gave one to my cousin who took it to work to sell. One tray led to two and then the order started to increase significantly. Sadly, due to the political climate in Thailand this business idea was cut short as I had to move back to the UK.

Arriving back in London with nothing but grit-determination to continue my new found love for baking, I sold my little car in order to setup Sweet Tooth Factory. I started hosting cake parties in my parent’s garden. The reception and feedback was positive, and the more parties we held the bigger they became. People would travel half-way across London to come to my parties in zone-six! I heard the Boiler House in Brick lane were opening up a weekend food market and decided it was time to take the plunge. It was here that things really started to flourish.

Everyone loved the presentation of my market stall to which later attracted the likes of Dominic Cools-Lartigue (Founder of Street Feast) who invited Sweet Tooth Factory to become the resident dessert stall offering the best layered cakes and cheesecakes in town. The customers loved our sweet treats. We became part of a family of like-minded folk who were equally motivated and passionate about delivering the best of artisan cuisine.

Fast forwarding to the present time, I have learnt a lot over the past eight-years and I mainly focus on wholesale. It’s about doing one thing and doing that well. After all we are about quality, not quantity. For me, this then equals a memorable taste experience.